A simple five-step process is all it takes


Wash the uncooked rice

The grains of rice that have been polished to produce white rice still have bran (powder from rice husks and germ) on them. Cooking them unwashed has a poor effect on flavor. This is why grains of raw rice need to be washed before cooking. Be sure to quickly drain the water used to wash the rice to prevent the grains from absorbing the bran’s flavor. Also, be gentle when washing the grains, as damaging them may affect their flavor.



Just push the button and the machine automatically measures and washes the rice. Using it guarantees that you get the correct amount of properly washed rice every time. You can also set it to wash an extra amount of rice as needed.

Rice Washing Machines


Cook the rice

Next, the washed rice needs to be cooked with the correct amount of water. When making sushi, it is better to cook the rice with less water than usual so the resulting rice will be a little harder. If you cook the rice stovetop, you will need to pay close attention so that there is still sufficient water in the pot and the rice is being boiled, steamed, or both for the right amount of time.



Anyone can easily make delicious rice with the right level of firmness when they select “Sushi” on the list of options. You can also use the timer function so the machine will have the right amount of rice ready for you when you need it.


Mix the rice with sushi vinegar

Transfer the cooked rice to the sushi tub and mix in the appropriate amount of sushi vinegar. Stir it in quickly and evenly while being sure to not damage the grains of rice. When done correctly, the mixture will feel as warm to touch as your skin so use a hand fan to cool it.



Our machine also pulls in air as it mixes the rice with the vinegar evenly. It can make from 3 to as much as 6 kilograms of vinegared rice. The vinegared rice that results is plump and tasty.

Cooked Rice Mixers


Create sushi with your favorite ingredients

Moisten both hands with water. Then, after dabbing your hands with rice vinegar mold the rice into an elliptical shape to create the sushi rice ball. Dab a bit of wasabi onto the underside of the “neta” (the thinly sliced piece of fish or other main ingredient) and lightly tap it down on top of the rice ball to create your piece of sushi. Setting the “neta” down too strongly may cause the rice ball to fall apart, so be careful as you tap it down.


The palatability and tastiness of a piece of nigiri sushi is determined by how firmly the rice ball is formed. Ideally, the firmness of the ball will be such that the instant you pop a piece of sushi in the sushi rice will break apart and spread throughout your mouth. Suzumo’s robots can make up to 4,800 balls of sushi rice per hour with a melt-in-your-mouth flavor.

Compact Sushi Machines

Compact Wrapped Sushi Machine

Compact Sushi Machine with Shari-tray Transfer Unit

Handmade-style Nigiri Maker


Place the sushi on a plate to finish

Set the beautifully formed pieces on a plate. Dip them in a bit of soy sauce and enjoy.